We believe in the power of people and our collective capacity to decarbonise the world.

DEVELOP is focused on producing clean metals used in sustainable energy generation and storage. Our team has proven high-speed mine development capabilities, including expertise in underground infrastructure construction, geological and geotechnical drilling, underground support, and technical consulting. DEVELOP owns and operates future facing mineral projects in Western Australia and New South Wales.

ASX Share Price
AUD$ 2.10
17/07/2024 18:11 AET

THE RAW Ingredients for
an electrified future

  • Near-term Cu–Zn production in NSW and WA
  • Near-term Lithium production in WA
  • ASX-listed raw materials producer
  • Rising global demand for green metals
  • Large inventories of future facing minerals
  • Projects in various stages of study or execution
USD$ 9,664 /t
16/07/2024 00:00 GMT
USD$ 2,859 /t
16/07/2024 00:00 GMT

How our people will
power change

Entreprenurial leadership with best-in-class value creation

World-class underground DNA for the mines of the future

Quality projects with key elements needed for decarbonisation

Funding capability and extensive experience in M&As

We’re developing people as well as projects

Sustainability means more than environmentally sound practices. Our customers’ need for ethical raw materials means we must view people as the core asset in our operations. DEVELOP are committed to upskilling talent to lead the way in emerging fields and create the jobs of the future.

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Surging demand and low stockpiles indicate that future facing minerals are well and truly back in favour.

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